Relationships and Facilitators – A response to Mark Avery

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A response to Mark Avery’s article: From the Inside Out: Developing Partnership Capacity of an Organisation

Thank you, Mark for an excellent analysis and a real challenge to make Partnering a reality rather than lip-service.  There would be great value in turning your analysis into a checklist for evaluating ‘Partnering Capacity’.

There’s a couple more things I would like to add to that list: 

The first is the willingness to build deep, personal relationships with potential partners – not just working relationships, but real, personal bonds at multiple levels, learning to love them as well as work with them.  Michael Schluter of the Relationships Institute has written a lot of helpful material on the ‘how-to’ of this at an organisational level.

The second is to go a step further than appointing a ‘go-between’.  The most valuable contribution an organisation can make is to release this person to act as an independent facilitator responsible only to the partnership as a whole.

For ten years I worked on partnership development with Interdev, seeing more than 90 partnerships come into being.  When I left Interdev to become CEO of the European Christian Mission, I found it impossible to build multi-lateral partnerships from the inside – I no longer had credibility as an independent facilitator.  I had to release someone else to do that job with the same independence that I’d exercised previously as a partnership specialist.

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