Prayer-Care-Share Resource: Audio Clips for Training & Prayer Prompting

God is using students to change the world while forever transforming their lives! A summer project propels them into a deeper walk with God and gives them greater confidence in making Him known. For over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of students have participated in these mission projects from Campus Crusade for Christ. Hear their stories.




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Lighthouse Report and Women Today are available on AMB-OS

6-9 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Answers to Prayer – Gary Smalley
Seeing an answer to our prayers … you know …sometimes takes time, doesn’t it? Well, today on the Lighthouse Report, Gary Smalley talks about prayer.

6-14 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Opportunities – Randy Alcorn
Are you ready for the opportunities God gives you to share Him with the people you meet? Author Randy Alcorn discusses that today on the Lighthouse Report.

6-17 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * Honoring Dads – SteveDouglass
What comes to mind when you think of your dad? Steve Douglass discusses honoring fathers today on the Lighthouse Report.

6-24 * MP3 1-MIN 2-MIN * 
Gospel Light – Mandisa
Mandisa said, “In just 30 seconds I was sharing Jesus. Not just with Simon (from the TV show American Idol), but with the 30 million people that were watching.” Hear Mandisa’s story on today’s Lighthouse Report.