The Cape Town Commitment

The Cape Town Commitment is getting out widely around the world, in many languages. If we have discerned aright what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches, we are stewards of a significant document.

Please join us in praying that all evangelicals in leadership will want to find their place in the outworking of The Commitment. Could you ensure those in your sphere know how to access it online ( and how to purchase a copy in print ( ?

The Commitment calls for response: from ministry leaders at all levels, and from leaders in the workplace. With the Didasko Fileprint format, people could start by familiarising themselves with sections over a coffee break or as they travel, reflecting on how it should impact their own context.

We encourage:

  • Church leadership teams to identify one or two areas for your local church to focus on.
  • Christians in the workplace to discuss Part IIA sections 3-7 (view online or see pages 35-39 in the print version) with their fellow Christians, and to identify one or two areas to use or modify for their local context.
  • Mission leaders to urge their staff to identify one or two areas for each local ministry.
  • We would love to see students in theological colleges, and in Christian Unions, Navigator and Agape groups work through it.

We are at present compiling a study guide to The Commitment, which will be published in early 2012. We will let you know the publishing date as soon as we are able.

Lindsay Brown is the International Director of The Lausanne Movement.