Complete Children’s Ministry Curriculum

Today’s Kids Need Our Help

George Barna states, “By the age of nine, most of the moral and spiritual foundations of a child are in place.” The culture we live in is greatly influencing our children’s moral behavior and development — the vast majority of Christian kids today have no spiritual foundation. In fact, current research indicates that nearly 70% of today’s youth are leaving the church. Fun and games are fine, but we’re raising a generation of children who have missed out on essential Bible training. When the world comes calling, many fall prey to dubious activities and deceptive philosophies — and they walk away from their faith.

Single Most Impact On Serving in Children’s Ministry: Disciples For Life

We must begin now to come alongside parents and equip them to provide their children – at the earliest age possible – with biblical precepts that will protect them from a barrage of worldly ideas and teaching that is hostile to the biblical worldview. The Bible illumines a finite number of “must know” topics to understand, “must be” traits to exhibit, and “must do” activities to experience. When a child’s developmental process includes that knowledge, those traits, and those experiences, we can be reasonably assured that we have done our part to develop a lifelong disciple of Jesus Christ.

DiscipleLand’s Children’s Discipleship System™

DiscipleLand’s Complete Children’s Ministry Curriculum is a proven blueprint to disciple kids. This all-inclusive Children’s Discipleship System ensures that children achieve balanced growth in Bible knowledge, Christlike character, and faithful conduct—everything kids need to live as devout Christians.