Truth of Christ Plenary

This morning we heard brief thoughts from Carver Yu, Michael Herbst, Os Guinness and Paul Joshua along with opportunities to discuss their key thoughts.   Much of the material was helpfully based upon Advance Papers.  Below are some stand out comments:

Carver Yu

Pluralism is the biggest lie as it attempts to be the biggest absolute in a world of no absolutes!

Pluralists would like Jesus to prove himself, Jesus would only do that by his transformative power, we must do the same by showing how he has transformed us.

Michael Herbst

The need for loving God and others means a need to share faith but without slapping them with a wet towel in the face.  Some of the new forms of church have been very positive in this area.

We must speak below with complete confidence.

Paul Joshua

We don’t need to shout louder, we must …

  • Live faithfully
  • Listen patiently
  • Love unconditionally

Os Guinness

At first sight the biblical view of truth is obscene but at a deeper level it is profound and urgent.

To abandon truth is to abandon faithfulness, commit theological adultery and eventually will end in spiritual suicide.

What was interesting with Os’ comments is I can think of lots of things that the world church disagrees on, e.g. types of baptism, women in leadership, church government styles, so at what level is truth decreed?