Question for all about Human Trafficking

I was deeply touched by the video called Reconciliation-Human Trafficking with the speaker Pranitha Timothy. My question is to anyone who reads this. How can we inform our churches about human trafficking in the world today? How can we as a church help these people? I want to know how to bring this to my church in the Untied States, because I think it is a serious topic that needs to be discussed and not something the church should shy away from.

This is something that does not seem to or want to be discussed in our churches today. I have worked in several churches where our focus leans towards the softer side of life. I have been at a church where a pastor actually told me that he wants to preach encouraging messages and not talk about the bad things in the world today. How can we as Christians ignore such a horrible fact of life like Human Trafficking?

An article I read said that 27 million is the number of people who are in this modern-day slavery today. That 800,000 is the number of people that are being trafficked across international borders every year!! (taken from:

I am a Children’s minister, and I know I cannot discuss this in full with my children in my ministry. However, as a staff member at my church, and as a Christian I want to share with the adults, and teenagers at my church. I tell my children in my ministry every Sunday and every event we have at church that Christians need to be agents of change. I tell them that anyone can serve and preach the good news. They do mission projects, and actually will be leading worship at my church Sunday. I want to be a change agent like I tell them they should be. How can I as a Christian in the United States, as a minister inform my church about human trafficking in the world today, and how can I make a difference?

Coming onto this website was actually a school assignment at my seminary, but after reading and interacting with these conversations I have truly been inspired and feel God has laid something on my heart. This needs to be discussed more in our churches. The church should be (and I am sure is in some respects) on the front line for change.