Reconsilliation between warring groups

Reconciliation between warring groups:

Right here in our beloved South Africa we have been killing one another for the last 350 years. Although things look so peaceful, right under the service there is a violent urge trying to service and could erupt into a full scale civil war very easily. If it was not for intercession and prayer this would already have happened in 1994 when Apartheid came to and official end. But in the hearts of the nation there is still a lot of hatred and Apartheid. The African mind works differently. Only a few thousand people got benefits or got enriched by the change sins 1994. Up to 90 % of the people in this country still lives in utmost poverty and even suffer more then during Apartheid. Almost 20% of our people are under 30 years of age, unemployed, very poor and very hungry. These people are sick and tired of hearing all these promises of a good life. They want it now or they will take it through violence

One of our educational leaders from the University of Bloemfontein even wrote an article on this issue in one of our leading news papers last week and calls it a time bomb. This coming from a man who himself came through the struggle of Apartheid and a Christian. Now if we as the leading economy of Africa are sitting with such a serious problem. How are we going to solve Africa’s problems? Well I think the Spirit has given me some answers. Let’s feed the people properly and give them hope and in the process bring reconciliation. Let’s start here in South Africa where we have all the infrastructure, the sources and the people who can do it. If we can’t do it here where we are almost westernised, it will not work anywhere else. If the black people in South Africa are killing there fellow black people from up north because of jobs and food and we can not solve this problem here, it is almost impossible to do it in Africa with out infrastructure and resources.

My message to this world that is serious about all the conflict in Africa. Let us start community farms in every district of South Africa over the next two years. Say 30 development points. Here people will stay, eat and work together while they are discipled and renewed in their minds to become Christ like. This will act as a model where we will invite the local community over week-ends to come together for reconciliation meetings. We have two wonderful ministries here in this country involved in this field with exellant results where people of all races get the opportunity to say their say and share their heart with people of other ethnic groups under the Blood of Christ and wonderful healing and reconciliation take place. Here I have seen how the hard core right wing extreme Afrikaner racists get change and where black and white reconcile and become one. From here we will duplicate these development points of community farms right over Africa every six month after we have trained the next lot of locals from the next community and send them with experienced experts from South Africa on a fulltime basis to go and duplicate what we have here in South Africa with the same infrastructure all over Africa till Jesus comes, networking this idea.

With these models we will be able to raise the funds to duplicate it all over. We just need the help from the world to start this and network to get this going. To buy enough land will cost about $ 2 Million and to build accommodation another $ 1 Million for one development. This will all belong to the Kingdom and corporately be managed by the local Christians. Then we have something to sell to the people and the Christian farmers and the project will start making its own wind, based on food security, job creation, land redistribution, organic farming, our green footprint, renewable energy, reconciliation, restitution and discipleship for Christ Jesus.

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