Biblical Ignorance in the churchs

One of the main problems which faces christian today is that:: Biblical Ignorance

I mean by that :

1)Ignorance of the content of the bible….that for the majority of the so called christian

2)Ignorance of the proper principles to uunderstand the bible as God intent….and that for the majority of those who knows the bible contents

3)Ignorance of the practise christian principles in daily situations

When i look to most of our churchs(specially in the middle east,where i grow up and live now)..people use to go churchs(both tradional and evanglical churches) sunday after sunday,year after year …for many years but you discover that what they know from the bible is the same what they knew in thier first 3 years in the churchs…no more..

It is amazing to see how people are lazy to do any effort to know the whole bible contents ,to understand properly the diffrent parts of the bible by themselves and to try to apply the bible in thier daily lives…

It is amazing to see how many people attend sundays general meeting …then you discover and struggle to encourage everyone to attend “Bible study”meetings .as it seems that christians has blessings they need when they attend sundays general meetings..that is all …to make them satisfy ..make them feel that “”They are Christian” no need for more

then when they face problems,when they face diffecult time..frustrations,disappointments and questions with no answers…and in our hearts God is to be blame !!