“Pithy Spiritual References?

In a recent response to a conversation, one of the commentors made the above statement when someone questioned the lack of Biblical references in one’s writings. As in: why make pithy Biblical references.  The responder then said he/she did not have time to look up supportilng Biblcal references, and asked for help from others. No time?

I was aghast.  Theological and academicaly philosopical statements are acceptable, but quoting Biblical references is pithy?  The other discussion was the argument regarding the name of the Congress: What comes first: Evangelization or Discipleship?  Should the title of the Congress be changed to reflect that the end goal is discipleship, rather than evangelization? Academics often reason the use of words for communication. 

Is it “minutia” or “minutiae”…and how can words of the Bible, words of life, be considered pithy?  In whatever context? 

I realize many who are involved in the Global Conversation have their own objectives which to them are not minutiae?  Nor are their responses pithy?  But, I believe we must in these few days until we gather in Capetown pray for unity of mind, heart and spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to unite us for the Cause of Christ and to present One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit to the world around us as we seek to prepare for His Second Coming.  He is coming again, you know.