Full Session: Middle East, The Broken World and Human Trafficking – Plenary 3

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The Middle East, the land that gave birth to Christianity, is a place where the Church has experienced significant decline. Many political and religious developments contribute and point toward the need for the gospel.

Representatives from five countries share the hopes, challenges and the new identity found through Jesus Christ in this predominantly Muslim region of the world.

Churches in North Africa, the Middle East and the Gulf countries are growing and experiencing an unprecedented openness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

While dreams and relationships fall apart, we have a healer for our broken hearts.

Ka, a young Cambodian girl, suffers the humiliation and indignity of being a sex-worker – yet God is able to restore life to a heart without hope.

Valdir Steuernagel, Cristo Greyling and Princess Zulu discuss HIV/AIDS and present a challenge to make reconciliation a key element of the Gospel presentation, especially to those hurting in a broken world.

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