Christians in the public square: An attractive networking model from the media world

The is a recently established network in UK of Christians in the media. I had the privilege last week of being guest speaker at their regional meeting in London. It was a delight to share the Gimlekollen story and the vision of Christian media presence, media awareness and media mission with so many committed Christians in the UK media world.

It seems to me that this network is an attractive networking model for Christians in the workplace:

  • It has the key vision of encouraging, enabling and equipping Christians in the media world
  • It includes Christians from all professional fields within the media world
  • It includes Christians both from general media outlets and Christian media outlets

Visiting London coincided in time with my reading of Chris Wright’s exciting new book on The Mission of God’s People: A Biblical Theology of the Church’s Mission (Zondervan 2010) (LINK). As readers of this blog post may know, the author is Chair of the Lausanne Theology Working Group and of the Committee for The Cape Town Commitment.

The chapter on “People Who Live and Work in the Public Square” is highly relevant to this blog post. It is worth reflecting on the following key points from this chapter:

  • God not only created the public square, he also audits, governs and redeems it.
  • We are called to missional engagement in the public square. This includes being commanded to pray for the government, to seek the welfare of the city, and to earn a living by ordinary work.
  • We are also called to missional confrontation in the public square. This means that we are actually called to be different, to resist idolatry, and to suffer.

May God give each one of us the grace to make a real difference in the public square, both as individuals living out our calling and as Christians networking within various fields.