Women and Men


We all know, this is always also a discussion about how we read and understand Schripture. When it comes to hermeneutics, we are seldom only rational, but very often emotional, because this issue is so important to us. The word of God as it is revealed in the whole bible is eternal and true and also written at a specific time to specific people (Galatians 4,4). To me it became evident that in the so important question of male and female roles in church and society this means that the distinction of man and woman is vital at all times and everywhere but accepting and outliving the specific role of a male or female may differ in times and cultures.


I´m very thankful for the blessing female pastors, teachers and board members habe been in my life, my church and my society.


I´m not “exporting” this understanding into each and every culture or ethnie today, but I find it encouraging, enriching and absolutely in accordance with scripture.