Where is the Prayer base?

I am wondering about a major issue. I am delighted to be a part of this conference and want to see a deepening of the prayer ministry around the world with prayer-equpping as a part of the conference. Ephesians 1-3 is a long prayer bracketed in sacred memory (Gentile Inclusion to Jewish privilege, and the creation of a new people/race who are a sacred temple to contain God’s glory).  It is this temple that Paul prays be “filled with the fullness of God”-surely a prayer motif. The book continues with a unity motif of mutual submission with the devil attacking the unity, until Paul ends the epistle with the battle motif and a prayer to preach boldly. Each piece of armour is sustained by Prayer in the Spirit. In a word, the book is about prayer,  the Spirit’s gift, Gentile inclusion, the creation of a holy temple (a prayer motif), a prayer for fullness in the entire church, mutual submission in that new temple, and spiritual battle with prayer in the Spirit. Prayer is not unrelated to evangelism. Is this issue being raised/addressed at the conference? the ministry of Jesus our Lord required that the Father show him anything before he did it (John 5:19,30). If this were so for our Lord, how much more for the global church. David Chotka