Truth matters, Stand Up for Truth

This paper should be simplified for the lay people to understand easily.

I agree with the notion that truth matters and it is important to stand up for the truth e.g. when faced with difficult situation, like in the case of Abram in Egypt before Pharoah, he lied that his wife Sarah was his sister. This led to severe consequences in the house of Pharoah. Abram was questioned and made to tell the truth before his wife was restored back to him.

In contemporary history, during the apartheid struggle, Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa complained against the church for playing safe by not condemning the horrible apartheid Government practices at the time e.g. the terrible discrimination of the white against the blacks by rampant unlawful killings of the citizens and many other illegal and criminal acts perpetrated at the time. With all these illegalities, the church of South Africa did not say anything.

But for the magnanimous act of the then President Mandela who initiated and established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission which brought about reconciliation between the white and the blacks as we see it in South Africa today.

This underscores the importance of speaking and standing up for the truth. In John 8 v 32, Jesus said, you will know the truth and the truth wil set you free.