The class was full, only one person was absent and for a very good reason – he was sick. Soon we digressed and were talking about the church and someone mentioned the 12th commandment. being new to the Assemblies of God Seminary in Jos Nigeria and coming from another denomination, I was lost and queried, “what is the eleventh commandment?”. Promptly, someone answered, “It shall not come from thy mouth”. So I asked again, “and the twelfth?”. The same person answered, “thou shall not be caught”.

I have continued to wonder if there really is an eleventh commandment that Christians are obeying. I understand the need to be careful not to sit in God’s judgement seat, especially in issue that are not directly under ones sphere of authority but is it wrong to tell a brother that his action is not right? Things are going wrong, everybody is keeping mute. What has happened to “woe to you scribes …? No one wants to be the one encouraging Christian leaders to live up to the standards of our calling. No one wants to say no to political agendas in Christian organisations; No one wants to tell church leaders about their living standards. Those who dare to ask questions are branded negatively, even blackmailed inside the chancel. Is there a commandment that says IT SHALL NOT COME FROM THY MOUTH or is there a different problem