Truth is Uncomfortable

In this world of relativism, many people hate truth because it is threatening.  Just us written by Carver Yu, as in Asia, so it is with Nigeria, being a culturally plurastic state and for long unaffected by pluralism.  However, this this distinction is fast eroding with everyone mixing them together to get something of each.  The question of truth hs been largely seen as relative.  I remember asking a Christian leader for the meaning of truth and he answered me that “it depends”. In order words, the definition and practise of truth is dependent on factors and circumstances and on who is involved.  This is a major problem facing Christendom and needs urgent attention.  What I consider the key issue here is ’How can the church be brought back to the acceptance of the fact that the BIble is the only yardstick for measuring truth?’  The problem might be the cost for such in this society and its attendant consequences, especially if you find yourself standing alone.  This is a hard and realistic issue for this conference and I am looking forward to learning and discussing more on this matter.