GOWA (Gospel and Work for All) With the Diaspora to Create National Funds

The developing countries do not need any more gifts from the western countries. The developing countries do not need helping organizations that is not creating complete self support alternatives. The developing countries have to many developing organizations that is causing an arificial consuming market that is not reflecting a real functional production market. Africa, parts of South-America and parts of Asia needs national funds that is based on fundinf from people living in Diaspora. This will create national funds that is able to give ownership and real income and working places to nationals. These kind of funds must be seed funds supported by national church organizations (see attachment). These funds will go beyond typical microfinance and cause real significant industry having more than 50% national ownership and income. We are inviting people living in Diaspora to establish such funds supported by western countries. 1 million dollar from people living in Diaspora will release 4 million from one wester country. GOWA Norway has started this work to motivate the Norwegian Government and Diaspora in Norway to begin in DR Congo.