A Prayer for Weary Leaders

As a former church planter in France, I remember weariness. There were times I’d fly back to the states for writing related work. I could barely share my story without saying words like, “I feel like I’ve been through a war.” We suffered greatly in every way possible as we worked to plant a church. We lived and breathed by God’s sufficiency. But underneath all that undergirding power lay the tenacious, persistent prayers of others.

When we left for France, our church’s global prayer team gave us a significant gift–a framed piece of rope. They said they were holding the rope for us, an anchor to our journey.

Hold the rope they did, as did so many others.

Today my heart is heavy for leaders who are weary and discouraged as we were. I remember the fatigue, the bone-tired wearineses, the discouragement. And I remember the deliciousness of discovering God’s sufficiency when we were weak. So in that spirit, may I offer up a prayer for you?

Dear Jesus,

We are a weary lot. Please lift our heads. Tuck your hands beneath us. Cradle us. Help us to see You in new and different ways today because of our weakness. Where there is dissention on our team of leaders, please bring unifying peace. Let forgiveness reign between us, and let it begin with us laying down our rights for the sake of Your Kingdom, Your glory. Forgive us for building our own kingdoms, for striving for numbers, for recognition, for finances. We choose right now to relinquish everything. Our hearts. Our wills. Our dreams. The way we think things should turn out. Instead, Lord, replace our broken hearts with Your beauty and power and might and perspective. Give us renewed lives. Give us wings like eagles. Give us the ability to lay down our lives for those who don’t like or love us. Give us the hope we need to see Your glory above our circumstances. Let our hearts rest in You, not wrestle with provision. We love you. We need You. We hope in You. We cry out to You. Heal us. Restore us. Rejuvenate us. Holy Spirit, breathe freedom where there’s bondage, hope where there’s hopelessness, peace where there’s discord. This is Your work for Your glory. Keep us neslted in Your grip.