Children are very prescious in the eyes of God that is why our Master Jesus said in the book of Matthew 19:14 “Let the little Children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (NIV)As a performer in Africa, One stunning truth I realised was that, anytime we go to a location, the first people to respond to us are the children! They would spread the news and be the first audience to attend. The adults would be given seats and the children neglected to squat on the floor! Normally, most people wants an adult audience but it is necesary to make time for the children too. Good preparation with play songs, Bible correspondence courses tracts, etc… gives them the opportunity to be saved. It is very easy for children to be discipled than adults. It is necesary for more time and attention to be given to the childrens’ department in the church to nurture and groom our next generation of disciples.