Why Not Collabroate?

This article is intended to be a tool in the facilitator’s box—something to help fuel the conversation with a coworker who sincerely doubts the wisdom of partnership.  The basic idea of the article is that we will respond to the world in the way we see it, and while we cannot compete with another person’s perceptions, we can help to complete those perceptions. 

Starting with a basic introduction to the need for an article like this and then the importance of perceptions to partnership behavior, the article covers the following:

Perception of…

  • Identity
  • Time
  • Context
  • Task
  • Knowledge
  • Theology
  • Power

The article integrates each facet into a prayer for not only unity of being, but unity of action as we look at our context afresh… from the perspective of our shared responsibility in the Great Commission.    

I look forward to interacting with you on this vital question as we work to answer the question, “Why not collaborate?”