Getting Alongside

Is mission something done by people from the West using Western resources, or is it someone that anyone can do who is a Christian whether or not they have contact with Western donors? I think this is an important question.

It is great for the West to use its surplus resources in order to do their mission, and increasingly to fund that of other people. But this means increasingly around the world that having a Western donor is a prerequisite to doing mission!

I am not proposing that the West stop giving. I guess those resources are there to be used (although their use is problematic). But, I am proposing that there be some Westerners who go into mission outside of the West, but who endeavour to work according to the same conditions (as far as possible) faced by non-Westerners by using local languages and resources in their ministry. Surely it is only in this way that one can get to comprehend the kinds of difficulties faced in mission in the majority world? … Who is ready to discuss this?


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