Literature and Mission

Christian literature still plays important role in mission work. I learned through one of ministries in Asia. This ministry team goes to remote islands for outreach. They hold meetings and show Gospel films. They feed children with hot meals. New converts are baptised and discipled. During this process, literature (Gospel tracts, devotional, discipleship literature and Bible) is needed. When we started working with this ministry, first thing they asked was ’literature’. That was priority one. – and still is.

Christian leaders/workers need basic ministry literature, especially in restricted regions. They do not have much access to Christian literature. One Christian worker needed basic training material. Because of government restrictions, we had difficulty to send.  Basic literature is very precious to Chrsitian workers in many places around the world.

 * About distribution of Bible/Scripture.– some time ago, I read criticism from a mission leader about giving just a portion of New testament.  He emphasized that we need to give the whole Bible.  Giving a Bible is good.  But giving Gospel/Evangel should come first. -Also foundational teaching of Christian faith.