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The Return of Christ in our Generation

Author: Luke
Date: 07.10.2010
Category: Unreached People Groups

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I am not quite sure how this works. I received an email from a friend a few days ago to remind me of the conference coming up, and she urged me to take part in the conference in some way. So here is my two cents...Hopefully it’s worth something in this global discussion.

The Return of Christ in our Generation

I have several different passions and topics I’d love to hit on, but I think for now I’ll share my thoughts about something that I’m going to call "The Doibility of the Mandate." Not even quite sure if that’s a word. Oh well. Hey! Do you realize that we are almost there? I am 28 years old and ready to go be with God. I don’t know about you, but I want out of here, I want to see God in his glory. I’m sick of Hollwood, popculture, and the American Dream (a wife, 4 bedroom home in the suburbs, with a white picket fence, 2 children, and a dog named spot) telling me what to be and what is success. We are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves and we can see the finish line, "All peoples reached with some form of gospel representation." According to the president of the organization I’m with, we figure that by the year 2063, every language group could have some form of scripture in their language. By 2025, some form of Bible translation will have been started in every language! Are you kidding me? I get excited about an Iowa Hawkeyes football game, but man alive, this is kingdom stuff going on!

Good News, Bad News, Good News

Last I heard over 150,000 per day are coming into the kingdom. Africa is booming with believers, along with Jesus movements happening in Iran, Indonesia, China, and other places on this globe. You won’t hear that news in the media, but it’s happening. But wait a minute Luke, you are trying to tell me that Christ will return in our lifetime. Well, I think it can happen. It seems to be that Matthew 24:14 and scores of other verses indicate that the end will come when all nations all earth have some form of testimony among them. We should join God in what he is doing. He doesn’t need us but wants us to partner with him. Wow! What a awesome responsibility and job to have. Who would want to settle for anything less? Just recently my wife and I shared a poster with some of our friends. Not kidding, it’s literally 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall. It lists all of the languages in the world with no scripture. Over 2,800 and maybe more! Indonesia has 520 Scripture-less peoples, Papua New Guinea, China, Nigeria, and India all have many groups too with no parts of the Bible!

We Have the People

But hear me out. Through some help of my mathmatician friends (I never did too well in high school), we concluded that if just two people stood up and said, "Send me to one of those 2,800 groups," then we would need only 5,600 workers to finish the task of Bible translation. We could even double that number for good measure to 11,200. I live across the street from a church in Dallas, TX with 25,000 members in the whole church! (Oh, don’t even get me going about mega churches and how they spend their money). I could give you 25 churches in this city with a membership of over 5,000!

Keywords: unreached peoples, bible-less, return of Christ, resources, money

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Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down robinson09 (0)
United States

I was very inspired by this article and would love to think that Christ could return within our lifetime. While I too am excited about being in the presence of God, I will admit that I could be okay with staying on this earth a little while longer! However, I want to use the time that I am here to spread the gospel to as many people as possible. We have power through him and we have the resources. However, even though we have the numbers, those numbers are not all willing to participate. I think the real question is how we are going to get more people to participate, because otherwise I do not think that these lofty goals are going to be reached. We need more people involved and we need all Christians to truly stand up and proclaim the gospel. We also must remember that even if all societies and cultures have the Bible in their language, a majority of these people are illiterate. In those situations, the Bible is their language does not matter. Just because they have the written word, if they can’t read it, then they are technically still unreached. We must have people who are willing to go and tell the stories of Christ so that these people can truly hear the gospel, not just be given a book about him that they can’t read or understand. I pray that in our lifetime this would happen and that all people truly would be reached, not just presented information.

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down TEDS-Patrick_Hall (0)
United States

I was truly blessed by the title of your thread.  There is a passion and hunger for the Lord that is all too lacking in our nation. (the States)  I am in aggreence with you that it is vital for us as disciples of Christ to breath & live the urgency.  As we look at the metanarrative of the Bible especially the New Testament it’s very evident that the drive for apostolic mission was anticipation of the Bridegrooms return such as in Matthew 25:13.

It is about time we petition the Lord that He might come and that His Spirit might empower us in such a way as is to characterize the last days.  May our desire for His glory to be known and His presence to consume the world only grow.

Might we even live in our common identity as His chosen and pray for more unity amongst the body during this day as we take part in His glorious work that will find it’s completion & in which we will be united in one language in unity and in worship like in Zephaniah 3:8-9

Reply Flag 0 Thumbs Up Thumbs Down David_Markham (3)  
United States

Hello Luke, Last month I was at a researchers meeting in Colorado Springs where I talked with the Wycliffe/SIL coordinator for socio-linguistic research of South East Asia. He says that there are about 100 languages that are still not classified in China, and another 300 in Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.
A few years ago I visited with two young ladies who were doing socio-linguistic research (looking for new languages) in Papua New Guinea. The said that each language they re-researched (with a larger word list) became two and sometimes three languages.
I attended the Lausanne World Research meeting in 2008 where I met two of the principle people group researchers for India. One says there are 4,000 people groups and another says 5,000. Our current global list has about 2,500. Needless to say, there is some apprehension and conflicting opinion about adding another 2,000+ unreached peoples to the task..
I have been asked a few times my estimates on when Jesus was returning. IF we knew how many peoples were cut off from hearing the Gospel of Christ because they do not speak or speak enough of their national languages (which we don’t), and IF we had hundreds of Bible translators (Oral or Linguistic workers what ever) lined up banging on the door to go somewhere, (which we don’t) AND they all went today to begin translations, working etc, we might see Christ return in 50 years. So my projections based on the estimated unidentified languages (8,000 to 9,000) and the estimated number of new Bible translators (oral workers etc.) candidates world wide (maybe 1,000). We probably have about 150 years to go.
What we need is to identify all the barriers to the flow of the Gospel, either by understanding (language) or acceptance (cultural/political) and mobilize thousands of cross-cultural missionaries. We can continue to mobilize them with out sending them into unreached Bible-less peoples like we are now. But this will just prolonging Christ’s return by letting world population explosion and other major world religions gain ahead of Christianity.
There is Hope. Us unreached people group researchers are trying harder to work together and make known this information. and

If you are really tired of the American Dream, send me a message. There is plenty of work to do on identifying the work plan for world evangelism.
There are also some exciting cutting edge Bible translation methods coming on the scene. They are called Translator’s Reference Translations. It cuts the translation time in about half. The oral movements Story Runners etc. are also doing some great things. However these still require cross-cultural missionaries and years on the field learning the languages of the unreached peoples. There is no quick fix.
I am so glad I found you among a few others on the Lausanne conversations that are promoting the vision to take Jesus to the ends of the earth.. the ends of the earth that won’t know of Him untill someone comes to tell them! "How Beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!" - Isaiah 52:7.
Blessings in Christ!


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