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Catching the Wind of the Spirit

Author: Alex Araujo
Date: 13.05.2010
Category: Partnership

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In 2004, Dr. Roger Parrott introduced a stimulating concept regarding a better paradigm from which to develop our missions obedience. He used the powerboat to describe our attempts to control the work of the church accordingto our own wisdom, skills, resources and strategies. Then he offers the sailboat as a picture of serving in a spirit of dependency on the Spirit of God.

In 2008, I along with two colleagues, wrote a paper applying the concept more specifically to crosscultural mission partnerships. Since then I presented this topic in a variety of crosscultural settings with overwhelmingly positive reposnse.

Following a small retreat with Dr. Parrott and several other mission leaders and practitioners to further explore the implications of this concept, we created a blog for further discussion. I attach both Dr. Parrott’s and our document to this posting for your review and comment. We invite you to join the dialogue.

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United States

"The goal of this article is to help the church further examine its presuppositions about control, and explore whether a low-control paradigm is needed in this current era of global missions. In a world ripe with injustice, instability and oppression—and where the center of gravity of the global church has seen a massive shift from the West to the Global South—could it be that high-control “powerboat thinking” is far less effective than “sailboat thinking” in cross-cultural partnerships".

There is a lot to like here :-).  As a field worker, it has often been frustrating when my work is assessed from the perspective of a high-control mindset when I live in a chaotic environment of ministry!  At the same time, I respect the need for me to be intentional about administering my time/resources following the example of Joseph and Nehemiah.  Both accountability and flexibiliity are par for the course.  At the end of the day,the ocean and its waves are always so much bigger than the boats we build (powered or sailed) and God is always so much bigger than His ocean.  Thanks for this post-- really valuable analogy!


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