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Global Mission and Cultural Transformation - William Carey

作者: Lex Loizides
日期: 10.01.2011
Category: 个人见证, 真理与多元主义, 未得之民

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It is not accurate to merely mention 18th/19th Century missionary William Carey as an inspiration for global mission.

His legacy, and the breadth of his involvement and influence in Indian life, does not allow us to pass by him so quickly.

Here was an ordinary man, a shoemaker by trade, converted to Christ, filled with the Holy Spirit, and set on a life of service to those who didn’t know Christ.

He grasped, as we should, that the Christian Gospel impacts the whole of life – not only how one prays in private, important though that is.

He saw the gospel as a powerful manifestation of grace that reconciles us to the Holy God, and enhances our intellectual, moral and social life.

What did Carey do?

As a result, we’ve seen how his career as a missionary in India places him in a unique position as a helper to India’s freedom.

He believed Scripture has greater authority than tradition

He urged others to take the ‘Great Commission’ seriously

He believed God specifically called him to go to India

He knew that the Bible was the key to human freedom and human development

He taught that Karma trapped people but Grace releases them

He preserved and enhanced indigenous languages through Bible translation

He was the first to publish on Science and Natural History in India

He introduced the steam engine to India and gave local engineers the design so they could reproduce it

He also developed locally produced paper so that locals would not have to purchase imported paper at higher prices

He introduced the idea of a savings bank to India to protect the poor from loan sharks

He was the first person to lead a campaign for the humane treatment of leprosy patients

He was the father of print technology in India

He established the first ever newspaper printed in an Oriental language – and sought to establish a ‘free press’

He was the first to translate the Indian religious classics into English

He wrote worship songs in Bengali

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回复 标记 0 支持 反对 robinson09 (0)

“He grasped, as we should, that the Christian Gospel impacts the whole of life – not only how one prays in private, important though that is.” This is great! I think there are way too many “Christians” who simply believe that if they pray, read their Bible, and attend church somewhat regularly then they are “good to go.” I completely agree with you that being a Christian should impact the entire life of the person, not just certain aspects. We should be more like William Carey and his salvation experience. He did not simply meet the Lord and then continue living his life like he always had with slight variations; his entire life changed. This should be the same in the lives of each of us as well! We should be completely changed when we come to know the Lord. Everything we do should be centered around him, his word, and the Great Commission. Everything we do should be with the purpose of advancing the Kingdom and brining people closer to the Lord. I pray that this would be true in my life and that I would devote myself to spreading his word anyway that I can.

回复 标记 0 支持 反对 mgabrielle (0)

I love reading about the life and ministry of William Carey. One of my favorite pieces of his story is that he was a shoemaker. He was an ‘ordinary’ guy who was passionate about God and his life story illustrates his obedience. God called him to India and he went willingly. He made so many accomplishments for the people in India so that their life would be easier. He truly cared about them. He was a guy simply following the path God laid out before him. 



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