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Scripture Resources for Indigenous Diasporas from Latin America

作者: al_lee
日期: 07.11.2010
Category: 移民与侨民, 口头传播, 宣教的经文

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If God has put you in touch with speakers of some indigenous language(s) of Latin America you need to know about  The site is a repository for Scriptures in minority languages mainly from Latin America.  It can be navigated in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French or Dutch.  To date there are Scripture resources there in about 220 languages.  Any available Scripture texts can be read on-line or downloaded for free as PDFs, some full NTs can be ordered through a print-on-demand service, and the text can be downloaded for use with the “The Word” Bible study software.  The available recordings of Scriptures can be listened to on-line or downloaded for free as mp3s.  If the Jesus film exists in the language there is a link to watch it on-line.

My experience with speakers of many Mexican languages is that they are primarily oral communicators and are not typically literate in their mother tongue, so the audio resources are the first line of recourse.  Here are some ideas for how to make use of these recordings if some are available in the language of your “friends on the move”:

  • If they are computer literate share the link to the site with them.
  • Download some mp3s yourself and burn some CDs for them of some particular passage or book.
  • Make an mp3-CD that can be listened to on many DVD players or a computer.  Most of a NT will fit on one CD.
  • Load some Scripture mp3s onto a Bluetooth-equipped cell phone.  It will only take minutes to share them via Bluetooth with your friends.

关键词: diaspora, indigenous, Latin America, Mexico, orality, technology, audio, Scriptures, vernacular

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回复 标记 0 支持 反对 Davem (0)

In most American cities there are people (many times rataher large groups) who fall into the categories mentioned.  They are often not recognized, but they are there. I have never gone into a "swap meet"  or "flea market" looking for compartively "unreached people groups" and failed to find them.

These recordings could very well be used in a weekly ministry in such locations along with translations of the Bible, the "Jesus MOvie" Gospel recordings from Global recordings, etc. to make the goispel at least available to such people from any where in the world who live in your comunity.

Start with groups that you know are there (Chinese, Vietnamese, Philipino, etc.) and advertize and watch for other groujps.  This would make a great project for youth groups under dynamic and prayerful leadership.  Feel free to contact me for further contact information for sources, etc.

回复 标记 0 支持 反对 JoanieD (0)
@ Davem:

Thank you very much for posting this site for us to go to. My grandfather is from Cuba, so that is one reason for my being very interested in this subject matter. Also, I lived in Costa Rica a couple of years; while there I met indiviuals that spoke their native, unwritten, language called "potwia" (sorry for the smipslllng...   I taught English as a Second Language while I lived there, and I felt very intimated while doing so, because of my ’country grammar & accent." This was calmed by my boss whom was a linguistic’ major. And, this reminds me of the Cherokee, and a number of other US Native Americans that are working hard to recover their language for their future generations. And lastly, I recall, when ready your email, how many US Citizens, all too quickly, fail to realize the truth behind a lot of these Hispanics that they are seeing in the US. Well, many of them are from the indigenous parts of their own countries, and they do not speak Sipanish, This topic is a ’soap-box’ for me; I complee fro to i!!!

回复 标记 0 支持 反对 als828 (1)

What fantastic resources! I’ve never seen that site before, and have never thought of anything like this. I’m so glad somebody has, though! We have teams serving in a rural village in Guatemala every few months. Though a few of the individuals have some basic Spanish skills (and there are translators on each trip) I will be sharing these ideas with them. Thanks again for sharing!



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