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Full Session: Sexuality: Creation, Brokenness, Truth and Grace Multiplex

作者: Various
日期: 24.09.2010
Category: 正直与谦卑

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Directions: Click the play button in the video window above to watch all videos from the session in order.  Alternatively, you may advance to a specific part of the session by using the next arrow or by clicking the playlist icon once the video is playing and selecting one of the video segments shown.

Bryan Kliewer, Director of Exodus Alliance, challenges the Church to see the homosexual community as a deliberately unreached people group. Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, critiques common Evangelical slogans about ministering to homosexual people and calls Christians to be full of grace and truth without contradiction.

Willy Torresin, a Minister in Brazil, gives his testimony as a Christian worker seeking help to work through his struggles with homosexuality. He tells of the failure of the church, his entry into gay culture, followed by his encounter with the transforming love of God.

Bryan Kliewer looks at New Testament passages that can help us shape a ministry to homosexual people, drawing upon the examples of Jesus and Paul. They express the hope for change, breaking social rules to reach others, refusal to condemn, and contextualized sharing of the gospel.

Henok Ghebrehiwot, Director of Bethseda Restoration Ministry in Ethiopia, looks at trends and figures concerning the homosexual population in Africa. He proposes that Africa take a lead in ethics, truth and grace. Heisha Fernandez of Exodus Latin America reminds Christians that all must go through the process of change following our conversion. She issues a call to the church to seven elements of ministry to homosexual persons.

Mike Goeke, an American pastor, moderates a question and answer time between Congress participants and the panel of presenters.

关键词: full session, homosexuality, sexuality, integrity, Cape Town 2010

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