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Have Missionaries Lost their Chariots of Fire?

作者: Brad Greenburgh
日期: 02.07.2010
Category: 正直与谦卑

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This piece in the Wall Street Journal suggests that Christians should focus less on ’good deeds’ and talk more of Jesus ...


关键词: evangelism or good deeds

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Thanks for sharing.  It is a great article and an eye opener too.  I noticed that even when witnessing to the lost, I look for a "tool" or something relevent to present to people and then if the opportunity presents itself, I will have a discussion about the gospel.  This has really been food for thought.  Thanks again.

回复 标记 0 支持 反对 Jon_Hirst (2)  

Jim, Thank you for sharing this article. I very good analysis. When I was at HCJB Global, I helped change the brand to focus on a holistic approach through media and healthcare. The tag line we developed is "Be the Voice and Hands of Jesus."

I spent alot of time reading the Gospels with this idea of "Voice and Hands" in mind and what I found was striking. Jesus modeled complete intentionality. He was never afraid to speak truth but sometimes He knew that His hands reaching out in love were the right first step.

To the point of the WSJ article, as we read the Gospels, Jesus’ intentions are never in doubt. Jesus had an amazing ability to say one thing and allow it to communicate multiple messages to multiple audiences. He also had the ability to preform a simple act of mercy that impacted many people in different ways.

This highly intentional approach that is focused on the person/people in front of us seems to be the key. We who where trained in modernity want to make things efficient and mechanized to have greater impact. However, Jesus balanced his voice and hands by doing the opposite - being in the right place and responding to those who showed up with a message that they could understand.





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