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World Economic Crisis and The Last Days

Автор: WordTruth authors
Дата: 19.09.2011
Category: Личное свидетельство, Подготовка лидеров, со Средства информации и технологии

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Have you noticed how countries are financially linked like no other time in history? Are you aware of the calamities inherit to this linkage? The global financial challenge could be one more difficulty associated with the "last days" of The Last Days. For all believers, we are to remain faithful and continue to anticipate the Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Ключевые слова: last days, finances, trials, return of Christ, truth, faithfulness, evangelism, hope, persecution, generosity

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Соединенные Штаты Америки

Seriously? I don’t even know where you are getting this from. It is no wonder that so many are leaving the church when christians are constantly looking for an antichrist boogie man around every crisis. You guys and Hal Lyndsey should hang out sometime.

Ответить Отметить 0 Одобрить Осудить mcstrickland (0)
Соединенные Штаты Америки
@ BrimstoneAGS:

I think that it’s true that there are many things that the Bible prophecies about and most of which has come true.  However, I don’t think it’s healthy for us as a church to sit around and worry about the end times or when Jesus will come back, except in regards to being intentional about taking advantage of the opportunities God puts in front of us to reach others.  Paul had an immenent eschatology and it served the church well, he was wrong...but it served the church well.


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