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Suicharity and Proxicharity, two pensciencreatural principles of Holiness.1

Автор: Rev Dr J. N’GORAN
Дата: 28.05.2011
Category: со Средства информации и технологии, Подготовка лидеров, Партнерство

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Suicharity is a diminutive of Pensciencreatussuicharity (<Common Lat. pensare,to weigh, [figurative, to reflect on], to think”, scientis,who knows”, from scire, “to know”, creatus, created”, sui,of oneself”, caritas, “charity, love”,), [Self love of the penscient creature himself]. 

As a robot, humane creature or invention, that is plenty of metal spare parts from varied sources and nature, hidden here and there, the Universe about what the Bible, the Book of creation talks, includes diversities and diversities of elements and oligo-elements per thousands, separately or all together.

In fact, creation of human being by God obeys to this Creatoral Law (<Lat. Creatoralis,peculiar to the Creator; that the Creator made use while creating”, from Creator,Creator”) that consisted in bringing closer scattered or different elements to shape both an acting, conscious and thinking whole, namely, the prior biophysiological structure shape within which He put a breadth of life, the spirit, whose intersection with the mentioned matter gave rise to a living soul. Once body returns to dust and spirit returns to God (Spirit), as for the soul, does no longer have existence as such within itself. It’s through a language misuse that we talk of salvation of soul instead of salvation of spirit. The spirit of human being, like the spirits of bodiless thinking creatures, is conscious and thinking. Human kind is therefore penscient (<common Lat. pensare,to weigh, [figurative, to reflect on], to think”, scientis,who knows”, from scire, “to know”), i.e., a creature who determines himself to act freely in good or in evil, after reflection and in full knowledge of facts. God imprinted in human being faculty of reflecting, of judging, of discerning what is good from what is not before doing anything. Unlike animal, human kind is conscious of his being, of his psychosomatically state to which his socio-economical state adds itself to. Adam, first human creature, was conscious of his being that he was taking care before going and did the same for the animals. Just after being created by God and after his first communication with the Divine Creator, followed automatically being conscious of himself and of taking care of oneself (having a rest, waking up, feeding, taking a bath, if bath was applicable, or dry-cleaning, etc.: “(…) no-one ever hated his own body, but he feeds and cares for it (…)”, Eph. 5:29, N.I.V) before going and did the work he had to look after. Adam loved himself and was conscious he was different from all animals, even from the so-called «cousins of human kind», chimpanzees: “(…) But, for Adam, no suitable helper was found”, Gen. 2:20b, N.I.V  

Ключевые слова: to shape both an acting, conscious and thinking whole;living soul, intersection of spirit and matter;salvation of spirit instead of salvation of soul;conscious and thinking creatures, penscient creatures;feeding and caring for one’s own body;self

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Кот-д’ Ивуар

PhContributeBy Rev Dr J. N’GORAN
Месторасположение: Abidjan
Страна: Кот-д’ Ивуар

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