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Видео конгресса Кейптаун 2010

Poverty, Prosperity and the Gospel Multiplex - Panel Discussion

Автор: Panel
Дата: 01.11.2010
Category: Евангелие процветания

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In this segment, the moderator and panelists respond to various comments and questions from the audience concerning the prosperity gospel. They call for more work to develop a theology of the dignity of work, of blessing and suffering, and the need for accountability, particularly among leaders.

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Ключевые слова: prosperity gospel, poverty, Cape Town 2010

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Соединенные Штаты Америки

The best points in this panel were, I think, the statement that God heals/gives in his sovereignty, and the comment at the end from the gentleman about working here on Earth.
1) It’s correct that God will bless as is fitting in his wisdom and sovereignty; it’s discouraging to me when I hear preachers say things like "you will see multiplication of financial assets once you become a Christian with us," which I have heard verbatim.  This ties in directly with the second point.

2) Those who run the church are people too, and work is equally unattractive to them; therefore, they found the prosperity gospel, which is an easy sell to people who have no developed theology.  It’s easy to see why the prosperity gospel is attractive to believers, but it’s also easy to see why it’s attractive to the church--incorrect as it may be, people will be attracted to it because of the promise of wealth.


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Южная Африка

PhContributeBy Cape Town 2010 Communications Team
Месторасположение: Cape Town
Страна: Южная Африка

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