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Encounters with God

Автор: David
Дата: 10.08.2010
Category: Устная коммуникация, Личное свидетельство, Неохваченные этнические группы

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Lost in her religion, a devout religious woman in Asia is seeking truth. Overwhelmed with hopelessness, she twice attempts suicide but just ‘happens’ to survive. She then encounters God and is compelled by Him to find a community of believers.

An African man seeking truth receives spiritual prompting to go to a specific place at a specific time to meet someone he has never seen. Accordingly he approaches a man, who himself is arriving for an unplanned hotel stay. This man ‘happens’ to be an evangelist and consequently helps the African man encounter God.

A young Asian women ‘happens’ to come to a camp about local culture to serve as a translator between student attendees and their foreign guests. While there, she experiences something so compelling in the lifestyle of these guests, that she travels later back across the country to visit one of the foreigners, expressing the desire to encounter the God she saw in their lives.

A dozen African men coming home from working in the fields ‘happen’ to hear music played in their own language in their own cultural style. They are compelled to go over and join the man playing the tape and listen to everything on it, after which about half of them encounter God through the stories about God being played on tape.

A South American people group cries out in the jungles, believing they are the last people in the world and they are afraid. They are challenging their spiritual leader to call out for help from any spirit or god who might listen. At the same time, three girls ‘happen’ to feel God calling them to an area where supposedly nobody is living, but as they finally go to no man’s land, they are found by this people group. God had already shown their spiritual leader who these girls were in a dream and they encounter God as a community.

A young European boy, growing up in a small town, sees lots of Christian religion, only to be turned off by the strong denominationalism, which demonstrates separatism and lacks the evidence of Godly love. Later in life he ‘happens’ to live for a year in a community of another country where two caring women ‘happen’ to come over and share their heart to help him, including providing opportunities to go to a local church by offering a list of all the Christian churches in the area. Theirs was a key witness in this young man’s ability to encounter God

These are real stories of living people from Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Europe. God is living too, and foundational to real life is the relationship he offers us as we encounter Him. He ‘happens’ to use situations in life like those that are captured in these stories. The whole Bible ‘happens’ to be full of stories, some of them as songs, others as poems or proverbs, or thematic questions, or narratives -  styles that even the most revered literate scholars come back to in order to illustrate their theses. They ‘happen’ to be oral forms of communication, they ‘happen’ to be everywhere, they ‘happen’ to be foundational, they ‘happen’ to be the way Jesus communicated as demonstrated in the gospels. Literary forms are certainly able to complement, document, and facilitate study, but they are not meant to replace oral forms. With all the great blessings that academic study and literate materials can provide, they cannot replace real life encounters with God that mostly ‘happen’ in the setting of a story. All of us together need to at least consider seriously including approaches that contain relevant oral strategies.  I believe that all of us will find that it ‘happens’ to be one of the keys that God will use help people have encounters with Him.

Ключевые слова: encounter, communicate, oral strategies, stories, approaches, relevant

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Соединенные Штаты Америки

Such wonderful stories and such a wonderful reminder that God is still alive and active and a part of this wondorous creation! I have always found it so fascinating how many times people tell stories of encounters with God when they are in community, especially within the community of believers. Sometimes, we want to hibernate and be away from humanity, but we need not live our entire life of faith alone. We were indeed created relational creatures and we are indeed loved and desired by a relational God. We experience so much of God in other people.

Ответить Отметить 0 Одобрить Осудить robinson09 (0)
Соединенные Штаты Америки

This is great! I love how you used the stories of individuals to remind us of the importance of stories. I also loved your use of sarcasm to make a point that things just do not happen. God orchestrates every little thing in our lives and the lives of those around us. He is constantly at work, writing our stories and reminding us of His sovereign power.

I also loved how you pointed out that the scripture is full of stories that are just waiting to be told. While it is written literature, it is comprised of hundreds of individual stories to make up the entire story of God and Jesus Christ. I also appreciated the fact that you pointed out that Jesus utilized storytelling through the parables when he was teaching the people during his ministry. How have we forgotten that? If Christ is supposed to be the ultimate example for evangelism and discipleship, why are we not incorporating the very thing that he used most: storytelling. If some form of storytelling had not been used in the examples that you gave, then we would currently have less brothers and sisters in Christ. What a powerful tool of ministry that the Lord has given us. May we not take it for granted.

Ответить Отметить 0 Одобрить Осудить mgabrielle (0)
Соединенные Штаты Америки

I love this article. It is amazing to think as to how God places people at the same place at the right time. While on the mission field I met a woman who was saved simply through the remarkable moment of God coming to her in a dream. This makes me think about the concept of making every moment count. What if God is placing you at the right time and place to introduce the Gospel to a particular individual?

Ответить Отметить 1 Одобрить Осудить MzBoom (5)
Соединенные Штаты Америки

I couldn’t agree more! I have seen these "happenings" occur when I just "happen" to go to a place I was not expecting to be and encounter someone with questions about God or the Bible or just life. It’s like God directed my path to that person at that moment to answer that questions at that time so that person may have an encounter with Jesus!

For example, I was heading for one resturant and ended up at a local fast food place. There one of the girls kept asking me questions about God. She asked things like "who created God?" and "why do we have to be forgiven and through Jesus alone?"  So was this a "just happen" or did God direct me to someone that the Holy Spirit was preparing for my "chance encounter?"

Ответить Отметить 1 Одобрить Осудить Rapture7 (2)
Соединенные Штаты Америки
@ MzBoom:

I believe the Holy Spirit does direct us to do things, protect us from things, and as well have us to encounter people who need our help and direction. Yes, I believe the Holy Spirit led you there.


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