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@abenfield I agree with you. There is a balance that has to be found. Social Media is a wonderful thing and most days I can’t…TCoker - In Response To: Social Media and Spiritual Disciplines
Thank you so much for your resources. I have found that social media is a great tool to share the gospel. I not only personally…TCoker - In Response To: New Media, Social Networking and ministry
Like many others who have commented, I also struggle with this same problem. I want to make the change to buying fair trade items but…TCoker - In Response To: Stewardship and Justice: a challenge for Christian consumers
I enjoyed reading your point of view. I agree that it is so important to know the language of the people you are going to…TCoker - In Response To: Speak their Language; Expect Results
Thank you so much for posting on this subject. I have found that churches are quick to create support groups for alcoholics and drug addicts…TCoker - In Response To: Global Mental Health and Unreached People Groups
I would like to preface my comment by saying that I am not an expert on this and can only speak from experience. I have…TCoker - In Response To: Church Free or Fearful?

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