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Bowing to the Golden Calf

Autor: Tim Høiland
Data: 11.02.2012
Localização: Sipacapa | Guatemala
Category: Pobreza & Riqueza

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Publicado originalmente em Inglês

The story of an indigenous community in Guatemala, an unwanted foreign gold mine, and what Christians have done to seek the shalom of the community. This was the cover story in November/December 2010 for PRISM, the magazine of Evangelicals for Social Action.

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Palavras-chave: gold, mine, corporation, social justice, human rights, creation care, stewardship, Guatemala, Sipacapa, Hoiland, PRISM, Evangelicals for Social Action

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Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou Adnahsar (1)
Estados Unidos

This story reminds me of the the movie "Blood Diamond" where war breaks out and people are killed for diamonds because people in well-to-do countries will pay high dollar for them regardless of the pain and suffering that it causes others. The exploitation of these people is undeniably offensive. What is there that we can do as individual Americans to help these people? Speaking out against it and helping to raise awareness of the abuse of these basic human rights would be a good beginning.

Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou tjhoiland (0)
Estados Unidos
@ Adnahsar:

Thanks for your comment and your interest. My best recommendation for North Americans would be to learn more about the issue at the Mennonite Central Committee’s "Mining Justice" site ( Though MCC’s Canada office has taken the lead on this issue, much of the content on the site is applicable for US citizens as well. I’m especially encouraged by the work they’re doing to advocate on behalf of the Guatemalan people, but also to partner with them in alternative development programs so that mining isn’t the only option. They’ve helped start fish farms among other income-generating projects.

Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou p_a_m_1_e_l_a (7)
Estados Unidos

This is an absolute tragedy. Thanks Tim Holland for your exposure of this grossly negligent practice. This is no less than genocide of a people and a community. What is it that we can do to help the Sipakapense and aid in aborting the Goldcorp mining?

Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou tjhoiland (0)
Estados Unidos
@ p_a_m_1_e_l_a:

Thanks for your comment and your concern. At this point, one of the best things to do is to contact Goldcorp itself and to let them know you are concerned about the way it is doing business, in Guatemala and elsewhere as well. Goldcorp’s contact info is here:

I’d also encourage you to take a look at the great resources the Mennonite Central Committee has produced to educate Christians about the realities of mining in Latin America and throughout the world. That info is here:

Thanks again for your interest!



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