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Diasporas of Indigenous People Groups of Mexico

Autor: al_lee
Data: 04.11.2010
Category: Diáspora

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Publicado originalmente em Inglês

The diasporas of the indigenous people groups of Mexico are close to my heart, as God has had me ministering among them for over 20 years now.  There are some 7-10 million Mexicans who speak one of the over 400 native languages and dialects of their homeland.  Some millions are currently outside their native area but within the country, and some hundreds of thousands are in the US.  God has done much through this migration but so much more could be done if there was greater intentionality on the part of the churches in the receiving areas to sensitively reach out.

Though I live in a migratory destination within Mexico where scores of people groups are represented, about 18 years ago God led me to start focusing in on one specific people group strongly represented in our area and then expanding my horizons to seek to connect with them and those reaching out to them in their extensive diaspora in Mexico and the US.  My role has evolved from that of a local missionary to a people group advocate of sorts.  It has been quite an adventure.  Though a people of only about 40,000 in number they are scattered in 40 or more states between the two countries.  I can share more about the specifics if some of you are interested.

We have been promoting the strategic opportunity to reach out to the indigenous diasporas of Mexico through the Department of Missiological Principles and Models of COMIMEX (, the Mexican counterpart of COMIBAM.  For example see a short article in Spanish – La Migración de Indígenas: Oportunidades y Desafíos (

I have often said that it appears that the migratory phenomenon may well be God’s plan “B”.  The mandate was for the Gospel messengers to go to the peoples of the world, but after over 1,900 years I think God got tired of waiting for the Church to fully obey and decided to send the peoples to where the Gospel messengers live!

Palavras-chave: Mexico, diaspora, indigenous, COMIMEX, COMIBAM, migration

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