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Ephesians 4-6

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 23.10.2010
Category: As Escrituras em Missões

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Today’s a big session as Calisto Odede leads us in Ephesians 4:17-6:9.  Internet pending I’ll live blog the session – as usual apologies for any spelling mistakes.

Lively worship now leading into some more contemplative worship – I’m not sure how I’m going to cope when I get home just singing in English – I think it will feel really boring in comparison with here.

There’s now a video on bible poverty and then need for bible translations – that really is one of the themes of the Congress.

We’re now reading the scripture – it’s 3 and a half pages this morning – a crucial passage.

David Oginde: Kenya is good at marathons –we’ve been racing through Ephesians but today is the day we win.  In our Table Groups we’re going to pick out units of the passage.

Calisto is now on.  The Welsh had the gospel and they preached it, the English made a committee, the Spanish celebrate it, the Africans danced about it.  There was a time when the Evangelicals were the custodians of scripture.  Evangelical needs re-defining, they’re viewed as barricading themselves against the world, we need to re-imagine it.  It seems to be about how we view the world – an opportunity or an enemy.  Distinctions between Christians and non-Christians seems to be a very small margin.  Under political pressure we seem to be more focused on tolerance than the gospel at times.  We’re losing ground not because of the right doctrine, books etc., but because our conduct is not distinctly Christian.  We need to ask ourselves does Christianity still make any difference at all in our lives.

We’re fascinated by new ideas, 7 ways to grow spiritual muscle, how to become a mega church in 3 months.  We’re like the Epicureans and Stoics looking for new ideas, we become professional conference attendees so we have no time to implement any ideas.

In previous chapters Paul spent a substantial amount of time dealing with faith and heaven but now he brings us back to earth – it’s not just about appreciating the faith, but principles into practice, theology into lifestyle.  He wants us to practice the Christian lifestyle.  He uses the phrase “walk” – parents understand the importance of this phrase.  Paul uses it in significant ways, e.g. 2:2, 2:10, 4:1, 4:17, 5:2, 5:8, 5:15.  Watchman Nee used to refer to Ephesians as sit, walk and run.  What does your walk reveal, what does your story reveal, what if we followed you a week before and a week after this Congress, what would your walk tell us?

Walk in the newness of life (v. 4:17-32)

He begins with how we ought not to walk, which brings a positive.  He uses the word walk to refer to the lifestyle one should engage in.  They had developed a hardness of heart which effected many areas of their life – this isn’t the way to live.  You have been taught a different style of lifestyle – they’ve learnt Christ in a certain way, they should live in the way they were taught: truth, managing anger, working honestly, edifying others, kindness, tenderness, forgiveness.  One who does not leave will not find – we have to leave our old lifestyle.  At a times when many have resorted to giving motivational talks, regressed into syncreational religion, the true cry of the authentic work of the Lord needs to be in our life otherwise we will be viewed as a bunch of noisy vevuzela players.  This kind of behaviours puts people off the gospel of Jesus Christ – when people no longer see a difference between those of no faith and Christians they aren’t drawn to ask questions about Jesus.  The onus is on us to rise against our culture and be different as we are different – we’re children of God, we’re a new creation – so let us live a new life today.

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