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Ephesians 4

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 23.10.2010
Category: As Escrituras em Missões

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This morning is Ephesians 4, with expositional teaching from Vaughan Roberts, rector at St Ebbes Church, Oxford.  If the internet holds up I’ll live blog the teaching – apologies for any spelling mistakes.

It’s Africa day today so we’re startign worship with Bambela – which means Hold On – a great African vibe – Trevor Sampson who has been leading our worship most of this week has arranged it.

Following this we’re starting with a story version of Mark 4.

Now back into a time of worship.

Sorry we lost internet connection, but here’s the rest of the session:

The video spoke about how Trauma Healing Seminars came out of the Bible translation ministries in Africa, testimony of a young guy from the USA who walked away from church into drug use but during prison God responded when he called out.

Now the Bible reading of Ephesians 4:1-16 and then Table Group time to

John Lennon’s song Imagine has compelling words, “Imagine all the people living in peace” – how we long for a world that is completely united.  Breaking divisions of creed, colour and class.  The world rejoices when progress is made, e.g. the Berlin wall being dismantled, apartheid being broken.  But progress is always tainted, Muslims and Christians in Sudan, Israelis and Palestinians.

We’ve never been so united watching the same TV and drinking the same drinks.  Yet we’re still so divided.  But we’re not surprised by that, the Bible shows division so clearly, e.g. the Tower of Babel.  Yet God has a plan to put this right which we see in Ephesians.  Eph 1:10 was the promise to Abraham, and we live in the fulfillment of this following the cross, resurrection and the sending of people all over the world through the Spirit to draw one another to God and each other.  Church is the symbol of this, even if it looks unimpressive, the unity of the church is a foretaste of heaven.  It’s so sad for the world to see so regularly the church divided.

Unity requires an outworking of God’s call

Chapter 4 is the beginning of how we are to live in the light of God’s work in our life.  Note that in verse 3 it is a fact that we’re united, not something we work to, we’re one body because of verse 4 we’re called to a faith of unity.  Our faith is not national or denominational but ecumenical.  This is the theme of the 20th century church, which began in 1910 at Edinburgh, which recongised not only was disunity a barrier to mission but it was also an affront to God.  Whilst this was good as J Packer says we’ve had a trend that abandons core truth, he termed it ecumania.  We need to be clear not to lose precious truths.  We need to look for unity, there is a great example in Lindsay Brown’s book on student ministry of different tribes in Rwanda fighting, and the Christian university students going beyond their tribal differences and helping each other.

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