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Day 3 Evening

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 23.10.2010
Category: As Escrituras em Missões

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With a slightly better internet connection than before I’m going to attempt to live blog tonight – apologies for any spelling mistakes.  Tonight we’re thinking about mega-cities:

  • More than 400 cities have a million or more people in them now.
  • The urban world expands by 2 people per second.
  • 21 mega-cities exits around the world with over 10 million people each

Tim Keller’s speaking on mega-cities, his outline is:

  • Why we must
  • How we should
  • How we can

Why we must Culturally: Cities are incredibly important culturally as more than half the people in the world live in cities. Missiologically: if you want to reach young adults they disproportionally want to live in cities; the most unreached peoples in the world are more reachable in cities when they emigrate from rural areas or other countries they break their ties and are in a more pluralistic society so they’re easier to reach; the people who tend to make films, write books, do business deals are in cities – they impact culture; lastly, and intriguingly, you reach the poor, something like a third of all people moving into cities will be moving into shanty towns. Viscerally: in Jonah 4 he’s unahppy with Nineveh but is emotionally attached to a growing vine, but then it dies and he gets depressed.  God makes an argument – you were attached to the vine and not what happens to Nineveh, I love people.  Cities have more people per inch then anywhere else. People are moving into the cities faster than the church is moving into the city. How we should We too often move a model of church from rural to urban and vice versa.  Instead churches need to be:

  • Extremely patient with charges of cultural insensitivity – as they have more cultures involved and more potential criticism.  Churches outside of a city don’t have to deal with that conflict.
  • Show people how their work links to their faith as they live and work in the same city.  Too often we disciple by bringing people into the context of the church and outside of the work place.
  • Constantly open to disorder and change.
  • Intensely evangelistic and famous for its concern for justice.
  • Attentive to the arts.
  • Co-operative with other churches and denominations – you’ll never reach the city without partnership.

They’re ideal to happen in all churches but utterly essential in cities. Why we can In Genesis 18 God visits Abraham, I’m going to destroy your neighbouring cities, and Abraham approaches God:

  • Pray for an unbelieving city – that’s unique in the Old Testament – he didn’t just ask for Lot to be freed and then blast it – he properly prayed for it.
  • He essentially endangered himself, and he knew it, both in terms of approaching God but also in terms of keeping enemies in existence nearby.
  • He made a theological case – at what number of righteous people will you save a city – it was like case law with Abraham acting as a High Priest asking if there is a few unrighteous can they save the undeserving majority.

Palavras-chave: megacities

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