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Opening Ceremony

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 23.10.2010
Category: As Escrituras em Missões

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It is open and Africa has opened its heart, arms and homes to us.  I loved seeing the colour, rhythm, drama, story, noise, energy in the participants tonight.  Three big things stood out tonight:

  • Both Billy Graham and John Stott are not well enough to travel to Cape Town 2010 but sent prayers – their hearts for us to grow together in our understanding of the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit to see a fresh generation of leaders doing evangelism in the widest sense – both proclamation of the word and being examples of Jesus’ hands and feet – which was very powerful.
  • There was an interesting (but long!) video summing up church history from Jesus to 2010 that took in many key events and people it was a good attempt at explaining over 2000 years of history.
  • Through drama we were reminded of the some of the great saints and missionaries who had given their lives to working in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

I’m looking forward to worshipping more fully with nearly 5,000 other Christians later in the week.

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