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Table Group Leader Training

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 23.10.2010
Category: As Escrituras em Missões

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Wow!  In 3 and a half hours this morning we covered all kinds of things:

  • Worship
  • Manuscript Bible study
  • The role of being a Table Group Leader
  • Cultural differences
  • Program and logistics

What’s interesting is that no speaker (apart from the morning Bible reader) will speak for more than 15 minutes which makes the table groups an integral part of the Congress.

Each table has a presenter and five other participants and whilst it will only use one language it will have participants from at least 3 continents.

The session on culture was very helpful using the HSBC adverts as an intro and then looking at Mortenson’s book, Three Cups of Tea highlighting that we all have assumptions of sameness, difference and uniqueness.

Even just on my table at training there were people from Australia, South Korea, Latin America, and Wales.

It’s exciting to see how together we’ll hopefully enable all 4,200 delegates to have a say in the key discussions at Cape Town 2010.

Palavras-chave: table leader, training

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