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Managing Stress for Mission/Aid Workers—Self Assessment Tools

Autor: Dr. Kelly and Dr. Michele O’Donnell
Data: 22.10.2010
Category: Testemunho Pessoal, Counseling as Mission, Formação de Líderes

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Publicado originalmente em Inglês

 Here is a stress assessment tool (13 items) from the International Federation of the Red Cross, Managing Stress in the Field (2001) (Based on: “The Relief Worker Burnout Questionnaire” in Coping with Disaster (1999) by John H. Ehrenreich)

 Short Questionnaire on Stress—Instructions: Rate each of the following items in terms of how much the symptom was true of you the last month. 0 = Never 1 = Occasionally 2 = Somewhat often 3 = Frequently 4 = Almost always

__1. Do you tire easily? Do you feel fatigued a lot of the time, even when you have gotten enough sleep?

__2. Are people annoying you by their demands and stories about their daily activities? Do minor inconveniences make you irritable or impatient?

__3. Do you feel increasingly critical, cynical or disenchanted?

__4. Are you affected by sadness you can’t explain? Are you crying more than usual?

__5. Are you forgetting appointments, deadlines, personal possessions? Have you become absent-minded?

__6. Are you seeing close friends and family members less frequently? Do you find yourself wanting to be alone and avoiding even your close friends?

__7. Does doing even routine things seem like an effort?

__8. Are you suffering from physical complaints such as stomach aches, headaches, lingering colds, general aches and pains?

__9. Do you feel confused or disoriented when the activity of the day stops?

__10. Have you lost interest in activities that you previously were interested in or even enjoyed?

__11. Do you have little enthusiasm for your work? Do you feel negative, futile, or depressed about your work?

__12. Are you less efficient than you think you should be?

__13. Are you eating more (or less), smoking more cigarettes, using more alcohol or drugs to cope with your work?

Total Score: (Add up scores for items 1-13)

Interpretation: No formal norms are available for this measure. Based on the content of the items, a score of 0-15 suggests the delegate is probably coping adequately with the stress of his or her work. A score of 16-25 suggests the worker is suffering from work stress and would be wise to take preventive action. A score of 26-35 suggests possible burnout. A score above 35 indicates probable burn out.

 Note: Also see the CHOPS Adjustment Inventory (in several languages) and other free assessment tools at:

Palavras-chave: stress, stress management, assessment, member care, burnout, trauma, workers, Red Cross, CHOPS, adjustment, attrition, counseling, counselling

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Wow, I think that this could be used on more than just a limited level. I believe that all those that are working in ministry no matter what their role may be in ministry could learn a lot from this tool. Even beyond just Christian life and work in ministry.


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