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A response to A Fresh Approach To Witness For The 21st century

Autor: Chris Kidd
Data: 14.10.2010
Category: Testemunho Pessoal

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Publicado originalmente em Inglês

As part of my preparation for attending Cape Town 2010 I’ve been reading the advance papers.  The latest is A Fresh Approach To Witness For The 21st century by Rebecca Manley Pippert & Bishop Benjamin A. Kwashi.  Below are a few highlights and then my comments:

I loved the starting point of this article:

The relevance of the opening line of Rebecca’s book Out of the Salt Shaker remains the same, even after 30 years: Christians and non-Christians have something in common: we’re both uptight about evangelism.

They sum up the challenges for evangelism under three headings:

  1. Getting the Story Straight
  2. Getting the Story Out
  3. Taking the Story In

Alongside this though, and most importantly they highlight that:

There has been a tendency in the West to focus evangelism training on simply learning techniques. But techniques do not motivate us at a deeper level. Nor are they effective in building authentic relationships. This isn’t to diminish the importance of offering practical help.  But the practical must be framed within a deeper theological understanding. Our effectiveness in witness does not come from learning new methods but from understanding the message. Our freedom to witness comes from understanding the author of the message, God Himself! In other words, our theology must impact our methodology. Understanding the character of God will be the deepest motivation possible for witness. Knowing Christ well drives us to want to make Him well known.

They then discuss potential changes to personal evangelism, small group evangelism and proclamation evangelism.  The critical point though is the need for Christians to understand the meta-narrative, the love story, which reminds them afresh of why they became a Christian and enthuses them to share their faith with their friends.

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Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou Willem_Joubert (0)  
África do Sul

Thank you for your article, Chris. I will use your thoughts to strengthen that emphasis in the Luke 10 Transformation programme, which aims at assisting large groups of people to become evangelists in their Jerusalems. I attach a brochure of L-10-T for information.

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Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou Trina_Pockett (0)
Estados Unidos

Great article. I agree that in the West, we can be method focused when sharing our faith.

I think that we sometimes forget the power of our own personal stories. People want to know what faith looks like in a person’s life.

I believe when we are transparent about our own brokeness, that we can truly share how Christ has redeemed us. And that is what we want the world to know..what Christ did on the cross and why he did it.

There is also great value of living out our faith. If we truly believe that Christ cares about this world, then we have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to care for the people in this world?

It goes hand-in-hand. It’s not only sharing God’s love with people, it’s showing God’s love to people.

These are things that I think about in my own personal faith journey. It’s good to have the global conversation where we can work this out together. Thanks for your article. Great thoughts!

Responder Bandeira 0 Gostou Não Gostou Eric_CELERIER (1)   

I really loved your article. It’s giving me a new perspective on evangelism, God’s perspective. Good job!


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