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The occidental missions (English & Spanish)

Autor: Carlos Scott - Misión Local y Global (GloCal)
Data: 24.03.2010
Localização: Buenos Aires | Argentina
Category: Parceria, Grupos de Povos Não Alcançados, Proclamation Evangelism

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Publicado originalmente em Espanhol

The occidental missions and their roll in the third millennium 

“Join with others in following my example,  brothers, and take note of those who live according to the pattern we gave you” Php. 3:17

 The roll the occidental missions will play in relationship with the new group of missionaries in the third world (Africa, Asia and Latin America) raises some questions: Will we help each other mutually?, How to build the best missionary bridge to cooperate?, The structures of the occidental mission can be improved, changed, or be removed?,  Do all the missionary societies, churches, seminars, or training centres have to rethink their understanding of missions in other to improve our missionary dialog?, What will be the part of this missions in sending missionaries from the third world to the occident and to other continents?

 The apostle Paul in his letter to the Philippians gives us some answers and a model to follow. We can assert that the apostle is defining the roll of the mission with the word PASSION.  

1- The Gospel is the passion of the Apostle

The key passion is for the gospel. In the first chapter Paul tells us about the communion of the Gospel, speaks of what happened to him, and encourages the believers to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of the Gospel. From here we can infer that: 

1.a We should participate helping others through the cooperation

The passion for the gospel should make us participate, cooperate, share (Php.1:5) and not to compete:

-         To share a common goal (2 Co. 8:23)

-         To share a common experience: the persecution( Heb.10:33 and Rev. 1:9), the sufferings ( 2 Co. 1:7), the worship ( 1Co 10:16), the weakness and strength (Php. 1:12-18),

-         To share common privileges (Rom. 11:17; 1 Co 9:23)

-         To share common realities (Php. 1:7),

-         To share by giving or donating (Php. 1: 5)

 This is the way the Philippians “partnership in the gospel” (1:5). We can speak of “communion”. “Koinonia” is the word in the new testament translated as communion, partnership, contribution, common. To participate and cooperate have a wide range of meanings in which can be used, but “common” in doing and being is the thread that unites them all.

 What is very clear is the idea to share something, an enterprise, a purpose,  an experience, the money, whatever should be shared. And what is first shared in the context of the church is the faith. What comes from the koinonia of the faith is the koinonia of the work.

 The sharing of the faith it’s in first place and defines the practical cooperation. But the shared faith MUST lead to the practical participation and this participation at work has concrete consequences.

 In the case of Paul and the Philippians, you could see the concrete results of the cooperation:

-         constant gratitude (1:3)

-         constant intersession by Paul for the Philippians (1:4)

-         evidence of  a healthy improvement process of the church (1:6)

-         a cooperation that made them participants of his ministry (1:7)

 Must we help each other?

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Palavras-chave: Partnership, theology, relationship, church, gospel, mission, unity, indigenous, dialogue, leadership, globalization, authenticity, humility, integrity, identity, resources, culture, stewardship, evangelism, poverty, witness, power, truth, dialogue

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