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I appreciate your concerns about the way several organizations do missions today. Some Christians have the belief that to do missions is to choose a…Santiago_Reales - In Response To: Was Jesus a Short Term Missionary
From my prospective and what I know about the African American churches offering ministry to dispersed peoples.   Many of the same issues that have kept…Gwendolyn - In Response To: In Focus: A 21st Century Babel!
This was a very interesting article.  While reading this article, I was reminded of a conversation my pastor had with our church about preparing to…Net32561 - In Response To: Ministering to the Scattered Peoples
Dr. Tira,  Thank you for this awesome prayer for migrants in the New Year.  This prayer moved me in a special way.  I have always…Net32561 - In Response To: Prayer for Migrants in the New Year
Reading this article made me aware of a duel need to minister to the Diaspora Community, but also to education the local community on how…Gwendolyn - In Response To: Ministering to the Scattered Peoples
Certainly, the lack of knowledge to assess mental illnesses in any cultural context would produce devastating consequences. I agree with the speakers, and also, it…Santiago_Reales - In Response To: Care & Counsel as Mission - Lausanne Global Leadership Forum

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