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Cape Town Reflection: a month later

Auteur: Matt Hunt
Date: 15.11.2010
Category: Partenariat, Formation de dirigeants, Écritures

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Lausanne III Congress Cape Town 2010


It was a privilege to be part of the Australian delegation to the Lausanne III Congress on World Evangelisation. It was a historical event and I pinch myself to think when Bible College students read about Lausanne III in years to come, as I did with Lausanne I and II, I can say I was there!! Some have put Lausanne III the same level not only with the 1910 Edinburgh Missionary Conference, but even the Church Councils of the early centuries of church history!! Perhaps history will determine whether such a comparison is appropriate. But what happened at Cape Town and how is it relevant to the Australian church, let alone the global church? What did God say at Cape Town to His people? Was there things we can learn from Cape Town? Was anything missed?

This article, based on my blogs written as the Congress proceeded and in the two weeks immediately after, is structured under four key headings: What I appreciated about Lausanne III, what I struggled with, what I thought was missed, and what I learnt.

Now I am not looking to provide any “balance” to these views, although I will keep the reflections to a simple number of three for brevity’s sake. Further, we shouldn’t be surprised that there is both matters appreciated, matters that caused struggle, and things people thought were missed and things we can learn: there were 4500 evangelicals at Cape Town – they couldn’t please them all! Further, others who participated at Lausanne III may disagree with my conclusions as should be expected. The important thing is not the uniformity of our conclusions, but our unity in the Lord Jesus as we live with our conclusions and identities – but more on that later!!

Further, if there is anything for the Australian church from Lausanne III, we will need to listen to more personal reflections than just mine!! So put this alongside other participants’ reports and responses!

What I appreciated about Lausanne III

The first thing that I appreciated at Lausanne III was the event itself. It was awe inspiring to sit with 4500 other believers (4000 participants and 500 volunteers) from 198 nations and all centred on the need for people to know the Lord Jesus Christ across the world. There was an energy, a heart and a generosity that pervaded conversations, sessions and the atmosphere of the Convention Centre itself. This was not missed by the employees of the Centre, most of them Muslims, who were blown away by the positive way they were treated by the participants. Some we heard asked for Bibles and even others came to Christ!

Of course the greatest example of this, and the second thing I appreciated, was our singing and worship. On the last morning all the back-up singers and band were introduced to us, representing many different countries and areas of the world. We would sing well known songs, and new ones, interspersing different languages and sometimes singing one song for 15 minutes as we went through more than 8 languages as they went up on the screen. Songs such as “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”, “I love you Lord” and others. On the first and last nights, a full orchestra and choir joined us which just added to the wealth of worship all the more. If there was any act of corporate worship on this globe that got close to Revelation 7:9, then maybe I was just part of it!

Mots-clés: Cape Town, Partnership, personal reflection

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