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Le Cap 2010 - Vidéo du Congrès

Ministering to Scattered Peoples - Moving to Reach the People on the Move

Auteur: Enoch Wan
Date: 22.10.2010
Category: Diaspora

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L'original est en anglais

Dr. Enoch Wan of the United States discusses the variety of ’Diaspora missions’ approaches that have been created to effectively reach peoples on the move.

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Mots-clés: diaspora, diaspora, Cape Town 2010, Enoch Wan

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Thank you for all you are doing to make the global Church aware of the strategic opportunities to reach out to the diasporas of the world.

There was one statement you made in the video that I think needs correction: "when we understand the phenomenon of diaspora there is no unreached people group because God moved them out of their security and their comfort zone..."  I think you probably meant no inaccessible people group. 

As you well know the missiological understanding of "unreached" has to do with the group’s response to the Gospel.  Diaspora peoples can definitely still be unreached, perhaps because the local Christians have not yet become aware of their presence, or have and nevertheless aren’t reaching out to them, or are reaching out to them but without substantial response yet.


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