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Le Cap 2010 - Vidéo du Congrès

Full Session: Opening Session - The Growth of The Church

Auteur: Various
Date: 24.09.2010
Category: Partenariat

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L'original est en anglais

Directions: Click the play button in the video window above to watch all videos from the session in order.  Alternatively, you may advance to a specific part of the session by using the next arrow or by clicking the playlist icon once the video is playing and selecting one of the video segments shown.

The Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization brings together possibly the largest, most diverse gathering of evangelicals in the history of the world. The purpose of Cape Town 2010 is to discuss key issues facing the global church today.

Turning Points: After a glimpse of the opening of the conference, this video traces in two segments the growth of the Church from Pentecost to 1910 in the face of many obstacles. 

Dramatic presentations show how the Spirit of God has been active through his people in Asia, Latin America and Africa. 

Doug Birdsall addresses the Congress.

Download Session Summary (PDF)

Mots-clés: Partnership, Cape Town 2010, opening ceremony, church history, full session

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Répondre Signaler 0 J'aime Je n'aime pas Gabi_N (0)  

is there text written for this video somewhere? please, advise me. we would need it for translation! thank you!

Répondre Signaler 0 J'aime Je n'aime pas SamuelKim (0)
Corée du Sud

South korea

I want to share this video at

However there is not a link.

Répondre Signaler 0 J'aime Je n'aime pas ct2010 (0)
Afrique du Sud
@ SamuelKim: Hi Samuel, you can use the "share" links at the top of the page to share this video. Or, download the individual parts of the session by finding the sections on this page listing all the videos:
Répondre Signaler 0 J'aime Je n'aime pas TKeskitalo (0)  

Drama||Including Simon Kimbangu among the heroes of Christian faith was not a good choice. Most Evangelicals question if his church really is Christian.

Répondre Signaler 1 J'aime Je n'aime pas Alexey_Gorbachev (1)  

Where was an Eastern church after 10th century?||The video presentation "from Pentecost to Edinburg 1910" carefylly describes general mission history of the Church till split between Westen and Easten church. After that the Church in the East is left ourside of the mission picture and video talks the story of western mission.
Unfortunately this is not by accident. It is generally accepted perspective in the Westen church. As the result western missionaries who came to slavic countries during last 20 years majoritycame as if they are "pioners of faith" However the Gospel has been preached there for 1000 years by Eastern Orthodox church.
Yes, it was imperfect, but history of western mission is not perfect either.
What are the consequences of such approach for evangelical churhces in Russia, Ukrain? Surely not a promotion to unity with faithful Christians from Easten tradition. If in the Lausanne we want global perspective of the Church, history of Eastern Orthodox mission work should be returned to general picture.


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Afrique du Sud

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