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Certainty v Surrender: In the World Cup and Faith

Auteur: Joan Ball
Date: 21.06.2010
Category: Vérité et pluralisme

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I’ve been watching a lot of soccer this week. I’ve also been thinking a lot about "truth" and what is "right" and how we communicate with one another in light of the sometimes contentious comments on my last post, "There is No God: Understanding the Unbeliever". 

If you’re following the 2010 World Cup, you know that fans and the press have been buzzing about some bad calls by referees in the first round of play.The US v Slovenia game where a goal late in the game was disallowed for reasons still unknown was but one (albeit dramatic) example of the humanity of the referees figuring into the outcome of a game. Of course many people are crying foul and calling for instant replay which, advocates claim, will "fix" this "problem."This interview with author Alan Black (The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatics Guide), which was taped weeks before the US v Slovenia game, offers a different take on instant replay and the role that flawed human referees play in creating and maintaining the rich historical drama of World Cup soccer. 

As I watched I found myself wondering if this desire to clarify every detail (of soccer calls and faith doctrines) is not rooted first in a desire to control the uncontrollable. Do we want to live in a world where every call is perfect and every doctrine is explained and provable? Can we find a way to get comfortable in the uncertainty (and disagreement) without sniping or needing every detail to be defined (and "correct") at every point in the journey? Might we learn to accept that we are a very small part of something much, much larger than ourselves and enjoy the mess that living, working, conversing and playing together inevitably causes without constantly attempting to label and explain every "call"? Can we do so without losing the integrity of the game and our unique (and sometimes opposite) beliefs about God and humanity?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this...

Mots-clés: world cup 2010, certainty, control, uncertainty, surrender

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Thank you for this reminder to all of us. It reminds me that God is doing so much more in me than I could ever think of doing for Him. It reminds me that He is watching how I respond to those around me more than what I am doing to extend His Kingdom. It reminds me that today is the day of salvation – today is the day that counts. It reminds me that if I lose the joy of today in order to secure a better tomorrow I have lost His gift to me this day, the gift of giving glory to Him. It reminds me that when He returns, I want to be loving and appreciating the body of believers with whom I am working in all our messiness rather than grumbling and complaining that we are not all “on the same page.” I cannot avoid uncertainty; I do not want to live as if I could control the future. I want to live today in praise to him, in worship of him, and be doing it with all those called by His name because He is worthy of the praise of all of us. If there is anything we should be united in it is in  making His name known, lifting up praise and worship to Him. When we look around at each other we may see some confusion and chaos, but when we look up to Him we will see His glory. Let us look up to Him together and thank Him that He has done a marvelous thing. 

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