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Réponses récentes
As I was reading this I began to wonder if God has called me into business. My answer was no, that’s not your talent, however,…sanDk - In Response To: Business as Mission: Building a movement that can bring lasting societal transformation
I enjoyed the short preview of this video. I believe it will be a great teaching tool for youths and a reminder to the adults,…sanDk - In Response To: FIRSTFRUITS
I believe that forgiveness is a gift from God. God knows when we hold on to hate we are not able to move forward. We…sanDk - In Response To: The Gift of Pardon (Forgiveness)
Diaspora in the United States took place with southern blacks migrating to the north to escape discrimination and to find a better way of life,…sanDk - In Response To: Diasporas - Lausanne Global Leadership Forum
I was not aware of an International Immigrant Day until I read this article.  The IID has brought a lot of recognition to the plight…sanDk - In Response To: International Migrants Day
The amount and effort Christopher put into this project is amazing. It goes to show that more of our young people need to be involved…sanDk - In Response To: Diaspora Mission in Africa

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