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This particular article did an excellent job in putting forth the story of how those with special needs have been treated in the past, present…Ablount66 - In Response To: Useless Eaters - Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany
Yes, money should not be hard to talk about in the church but it is. I believe the training of money according to God command…usoteysh - In Response To: Can We Talk About Money at Church?
So true. Our treasures should be stored on kingdom thing and not earthly. For earthly things will pass away and kingdom things are everlasting. I…usoteysh - In Response To: Can We Talk About Money at Church?
Thank you for your comment. You would be surprised at the number of churches that constantly talk money. My church is not one of them.…usoteysh - In Response To: Can We Talk About Money at Church?
Your comment is so true. My pastor said"someone is always watching and observing us at all times." We must be authentic Christians at all times…usoteysh - In Response To: Multiple Centres Of Islam In India – How Can Christians Respond?
Thanks for sharing how you choose to sponsor a child. it is so true that sometimes the older children are over looked but in the…usoteysh - In Response To: The ethics of child sponsorship

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